SANA CARDIO 1000 easy / smart

Scope of application

The sana cardio 1000 is based on the technology of the couch/semi-couch safety ergometer sana couch 1000. An additional rotation axis of the couch to the right allows the patient being turned during stress to a left-side position to max. 30°. This position is especially suited for high-quality ultrasound images during a stress echo examination. A hip belt and a stable shoulder support grant the patient's safety and comfortable position whilst the couch is turned to its side.

Besides this special application, the ergometer can, of course, also be used as a normal couch/semi-couch safety ergometer. Special safety aspects, e.g. in cases of suspected cardiovascular disorders, stress tests after a cardiac infarction or after bypass operation, and special exercise ergometry applications, such as heart catheter examinations, require the use of this ergometer. The use of a stress echo couch is also recommended for the examination of elderly and disabled patients.



Infinite movability and adjustability via remote control

Thanks to the infinite movability of the couch (0-45°), it is possible to find the ideal lying position for every patient and examination method. In case of incident, the patient can be moved immediately into a suitable treatment position. The patient's calm position enables high-quality ECG presentation and blood pressure measurements. The height is fixed by means of an adjustable saddle, which also prevents the patient from sliding to the side. The patient's comfort is increased by a headrest. Both elements as well as the couch's slope can be adjusted via remote control.

The reclining position at 45° is very comfortable. Medical exercise examinations prove that the performance in this position corresponds to the performance on a bicycle ergometer. Unlike with previous couch ergometers, the pedalling movement of the legs is now identical to the movement on a bicycle ergometer. This is due to the unique design of the pedal crank shaft. This feature eliminates all performance-related obstacles in couch-ergometry.


Comfortable load unit

The speed-independent load is granted by a high-end eddy current brake with computer-controlled torque measurement. This control, together with the ideal centrifugal mass dimensioning, results in a very pleasant pedalling feeling, allowing the patient to fully exploit his or her reserves. The mechanism, consisting of state-of-the art components, runs almost noiseless, even at high speed.


User-friendly control centre

The computer-controlled electronic high-end control centre is situated in the measuring head of the sana cardio 1000. The measuring head’s front-side features the control elements and a backlit graphic high-resolution LCD display. Its side, containing the display, is usually oriented towards the person operating the device. This is why an LED speed display is mounted on the head’s upper side, clearly visibile for the patient. If the device is used in the rehabilitation or training sector, the measuring head can easily be turned around to allow view on the display and control unit.



Comprehensive ergometry for cardiopulmonary diagnostics

The modern, processor-based electronic control of the sana cardio is designed to allow all common operational modes of the stress test load control. Frequent or regular ergometry measurements can be automated by means of easy programming functions. The user is guided through all operational steps on the display. The ergometer can also be accessed and controlled from an external PC program or ECG unit via the RS232 or USB interface. In this case, the ergometer does not have to be operated separately, as it is fully controlled by the master device’s program. In every mode, the LCD display shows the current load and, if set, the heart rate in an alphanumeric field as well as a graph to view the ergometry status.

The sana cardio is equipped with a precise, interference-free blood pressure unit. This unit measures the systolic and diastolic blood pressures and the heart rate in user-defined time intervals during exercise. Its measuring algorithm is based on the latest trends of blood pressure measurement technology. Alarm limits can be set for the load, heart rate and blood pressure. If these limits are exceeded, an alarm is issued. For heart-catheter examinations, any required load can be set manually.


  • high load precision
  • rotable measuring head
  • measurements controllable using a  PC program or an ECG/ergo-spiro unit via RS-232
  • Stable steel/aluminium construction for a max. weight of 160 kg
  • almost noiseless, even at high speed
  • elegant, dirt-repellent casing
  • low maintenance
  • precise blood-pressure measuring
  • slope, saddle height and headrest adjustable via remote control   
  • infinitely variable (0-45°)
  • left side positioning for ultra-sound images

Technical details

Power supply 230-249V, 50 Hz and 115V, 60 Hz
Interfaces RS-232 (galvanically isolated)
Dimensions / basis 125 kg,  60 x 160 cm
Standard EC directive MDD 93/42/EEC, DIN VDE 0750-238
Braking principle Computer-controlled eddy current brakes with torque measurment, independent of revolutions per minute.
Power range 1 until 999 Watt
Load range 20 until 999 Watt
Range of revolutions 30 until 130 n/ min
Load precision in accordance with DIN VDE 0750-238 (in revolution-independent region)
Displays Graphic TFT Touch Display with 57x43mm
Pulse measurement Priority principle: 1. ECG, 2. opto, 3. R-R Measuring range 35 to 240 heartbeats
Blood-pressure measurement Indirect with special modified R-R measurement system. Computer analysis with distortion-free suppression of interfaces during ergonometry. Automatic pressure release with 3mmHg/pulse. Quick pressure release at the average of high amplitudes.
Variable couch Couch size 90 cm x 55 cm for heights from 140 cm to 205 cm; weights up to 160 kg. The seat and the headrest are adjustable to the patient's correct reclining position via remote controle. A 50 cm wide paper-roll carrier is situated under the headrest.
The couch can be continiously altered from a slope of about 45° (exercise position) to a flat position. The slope is also adjusted via remote controle.To optimize the patient's examination position, the couch can also be turned to the left by up to 30°. A hip belt and a stable shoulder support guarantee the patient's safety whist the couch is being turned to the side.
The arm rest for blood pressure measurement and a handle can be flexibly mounted on the guide rails, located on both sides of the couch.
Handle as mounting aid A stable, adjustable handle serving as a mounting aid is located near the head.


User's manual

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german english




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