Scope of application

Sana comfort 150 S and 250 S are comfortable and extremely robust seat ergometers. They are specifically designed for cardiovascular training and rehabilitation for obese patients. Thanks to the ideal and comfortable sitting position, sana comfort is the perfect ergometer for extended trainings.



Convincing features - Convenient, almost noiseless unit

KThe load is independent of revolutions per minute and is controlled by use of a high-quality eddy current brake and permanent, computer-aided torque measurement. In combination with the optimal use of the flywheel mass, a pleasant pedalling sensation results, helping to fully exploit the patient's power reserves. The state-of-the-art gear runs almost noiselessly, even at high speed

Stable construction, individually configurable

The comfortable seat with high back rest is adjusted motor-driven so that the appropriate distance to the pedals can easily be set at the touch of a button. The back rest is adjustable in inclination so as to accommodate adipose patients and to allow comfortable pedalling. Handles at the front part of the ergometer facilitate mounting. The handles positioned parallel to the seat relieve the patient's arms during training. The construction is designed for patients weighing up to 250 kg.


User-friendly control panel, optionally with blood pressure measurement

Computer-controlled high-performance electronics are used for the control panel, which is integrated in the sana comfort control console. The high-resolution, backlit, graphic LCD display and the control elements are located at the front of the console. The control console can either be positioned with the display facing the patient or the user. A clearly visible LED indicator informing the patient of the speed is situated at the top of the console. Sana comfort 250 S devices are equipped with an integrated blood pressure measurement unit, providing accurate measurement results despite the patient's movements during training. This is especially important when a patient's circulation parameters need to be monitored during ergometry.


Wide range of application in ergometry for cardiopulmonary diagnosis

The modern, processor-controlled electronics are designed for all common ways of load control. Ergometry measurements can easily be programmed for automated use. All operating steps are displayed in the menu navigation. However, an external PC program or an ergo-spirometry device can be used to control the ergometer and access the measurement data via RS-232 or USB interface. In this case, the ergometer is operated automatically from the master device program. The current exercise and measurement data is displayed alphanumerically as well as graphically on the LCD screen in all operational modes.



  • high load precision
  • rotable measuring head
  • measurements controllable using a PC program or an ECG/ergo-spiro unit via RS-232
  • Stable steel/aluminium construction for a max. weight of 300 kg
  • pleasant pedalling feeling
  • almost noiseless, even at high speed
  • elegant, dirt-repellent casing
  • low maintenance
  • precise blood-pressure measuring
  • Handlebar for use during exercise
  • electrical seat adjustment

Technical details

Power supply 230-249V, 50 Hz or 115V, 60 Hz
Interfaces RS-232 (galvanically isolated)
Weight 75kg / Base dimensions /40 x 130 cm
Standard EC directive MDD 93/42/EEC, DIN VDE 0750-238
Braking principle Computer-controlled eddy current brakes with torque measurment, independent of revolutions per minute.
Power range 1 until 999 Watt
Load range 20 until 999 Watt
Range of revolutions 30 until 130 n/pro min
Load precision in accordance with DIN VDE 0750-238 (in revolution-independent region)
Displays Graphic LCD with 320 x 240 pixles, CCFT backlit for alphanumerical and graphical display of the ergometry parameters and of the user instructions as well as programming and service informations
Pulse measurement Priority principle: 1. ECG, 2. opto, 3. R-R Measuring range 35 to 240 heartbeats
Electrical adjustable seat Infinitely variable for heights from 120 to 210 cm
Maximal permissible patient weight 300 Kg
Long-term accuracy Torque control according to weight


User's manual

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