A passion for ergometers

Made in Germany

Dieter Beck, founder of the company ergoline in Bitz & thereafter of the "NEW ergosana company" in 2001

A success story

The company ergosana GmbH is one of a kind, with almost 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing medical ergometers.
In 1985 Dieter Beck, the founder of the company ergoline, developed and manufactured the first ever medical ergometer with P10 data interface and integrated automatic blood pressure recorder.

This device laid the foundation for the ergometry measuring station that is still used today as standard diagnostic method. For the first time, absolutely safe stress tests including blood pressure measurement could be performed, fully automatically, by one person (physician). Practically all ECG and ergometer manufacturers have equipped their devices with this ingenious system from the "pope of ergometers Dieter Beck" (as he is called in the industry).

Our development and production facilities are located in Southern Germany on the Swabian Alb. From there our cardiac rehabilitation units, ergometers and other medical devices are distributed worldwide.

Our company also specialises in the development and manufacturing of integrated blood pressure recorders that can measure blood pressure reliably, even under high physical stress. Important cardiovascular functional parameters can thus be monitored during physical exercise. The integration into a data network with other ECG and pulmonary function devices enables the creation of common records for all stress test measurement data. Operating an ergometric system has thus become very easy and diagnosis is greatly facilitated.

When designing our products we attach the utmost importance to providing a high customer value. Ease of use, optimal functionality and a long service life are the hallmarks of our ergometers. Use our devices in your daily routine and you will rapidly be convinced of these benefits.

Absolute mechanical reliability, an almost silent and maintenance-free drive (no chain), as well as a purpose-tailored software that ensures seamless connection with all peripheral diagnostic devices even in the future, are self-evident for us.

We endeavour to always keep our devices at the cutting edge of technology and thus offer our customers optimal usability.